San Bruno Yucatan: Your 2024 Guide by a Local

The gorgeous little beachtown of San Bruno in the Yucatan is something of an unknown to most people, and is far from being one of the most popular coastal destinations in Mexico. It sits on the northern coast of the Yucatan peninsula, close to the Gulf of Mexico.

There are actually only ten (!) permanent inhabitants in this coastal village. It is one of many little settlements that run along the Yucatan’s Emerald Coast.

The Costa Esmeralda, runs from Progreso in the west, to Dzilim de Bravo in the east, passing by the gorgeous beaches and coves of Chicxulub and Uaymitun. It largely consists of miles upon miles of undeveloped virgin beaches.

The beaches here, boasting soft, powdery whitesands and translucent turquoise waters, would give the better known beaches of the Mexican Carribbean a run for their money. Some are completely secluded.

Access to them is made only via a dirt trail that passes through woodlands and coconut groves. In recent years, affluent Yucatecans and foreign investors have started building grand, luxurious beach mansions and holiday homes in some of the small towns. 

Visiting San Bruno Yucatan

San Bruno Yucatan
San Bruno Yucatan

San Bruno is one of the best beaches in the Yucatan. A visit here is mostly about having the opportunity to unwind and relax.

The beach here is long and narrow and sees far fewer crowds than what you will see along the Carribean coast. If you visit during the week, you may find that you have entire stretches of coastline entirely to yourself.

Even at the weekends, there are only a few local families that come here to swim or have a beach picnic. The waters are clear, clean, calm and perfect for swimming in.

Every sunset and sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico is magnificent and is well worth getting up for. Since the beach is relatively remote, you wont find any street vendors or many amenities here.

The restaurant at Casa Ku serves beach snacks such as crudites, pizza and french fries. It is possible to stop by for something to eat/drink, even if you are not a guest at the property.

Nearby, the Kokomo Beach Club is a nice place to stop for sunset cocktails. Between 11am and 6pm daily, you can rent paddle boards, kayaks and jetskis here.

Other things to do around San Bruno

If your schedule permits, it is well worth spending a couple of days relaxing in San Bruno, and also exploring the beaches nearby. The little village of Telchac Puerto is a charming place.

So too, is the gorgeous San Crisanto beach. Framed by dense coconut groves, the beach is a tropical paradise that makes you feel as though you have been transported to a remote desert island somewhere.

There are several restaurants right on the waterfront here that specialize in seafood delicacies. Fresh shrimp, octopus, and other seafood dishes are prepared using what has been caught by fishermen earlier that same day.

Close to Telchac Puerto, you can also visit Laguna Rosada – one of Mexico’s lesser-known pink lakes. The lake is used for mining salt, and even the Ancient Mayans would source salt from here centuries ago!

From there, continue onwards to the Mayan Ruins at Xcambo. Little is known about this historic city, aside from the fact that it was once an important port for commerce and trade. 

It is believed to date back to around 250-600 A.D and have eventually been abandoned between 600-900 A.D. The site didnt open to the public until 2001. Admission is 85 pesos ($4 USD) per person. 

Where to Stay in San Bruno Yucatan

San Bruno Yucatan

Accommodation options in San Bruno Yucatan are limited. You will mostly find vacation rentals and villas to let here. 

However, a few independent hotels have started to open in the region in the last few years. If you find that there is no availability during your intended travel dates, you may want to consider broadening your search area.

Telchac Puerto, San Benito, and San Crisanto also boast nice beaches and a selection of accommodation options. If you are renting a car in Mexico, you can still enjoy San Bruno beach as all of these places are only a 5-15 minute drive away from each other.

Casa Ku 

San Bruno Yucatan

Casa Ku is a gorgeous, luxury concept hotel that opened in San Bruno Yucatan in 2022. It is the only luxe boutique hotel in the area, and has brought a much-needed air of sophistication to the region.

The hotel rooms are all little circular, individual huts that have been designed to look like birds nests. Their interiors exude Tulum-style elegance.

Think plush, large, comfortable beds, wooden flooring, and bohemian fixtures and fittings. Guests are provided with a complimentary welcome drink on arrival, and the bathroom is stocked with fragrant handmade toiletries.

The highlight of staying here of course, is the opportunity to wake up and be directly on the beach ready to watch the sunrise. The stylish bar and restaurant, with stools and tables placed directly on the sand, gives a literal meaning to the phrase ¨beach bar¨.

Be sure to treat yourself to breakfast or dinner at the on-site restaurant. The Chef prepares a mouthwatering selection of dishes and light bites.

A plethora of different delicacies grace the menu: from international eats to Yucatecan specialties prepared with a modern twist. Rooms at Casa Ku start from $150 US per night. Click here for the latest rates and availability.  

TecnoHotel Beach

The TecnoHotel Beach can be found on the Carretera Progreso a Telchac Km on the outskirts of San Benito, just before you approach San Bruno. This three star property is a great mid-range option

The spacious rooms and suites here provide kitchenettes, flat screen tvs, complimentary toiletries, and beautiful views from their balconies. There is a garden and a pool on-site, and the beach is just a few minutes walk away.

Rooms at the TecnoHotel Beach start from $85 USD per night. Click here for the latest rates and availability. 

Getting to San Bruno Yucatan 

Public transport in the rural Yucatan is extremely limited and it would be tricky to try to visit San Bruno without access to your own vehicle. Driving in Mexico is not as daunting as it may sound, particularly not in the Yucatan peninsula. 

By Car 

San Bruno Yucatan

It takes approximately one hour to drive from Merida to San Bruno. There is a 64.4 km distance between the two settlements.

Exit Merida via the periferico and then follow México 176 past Misnebalam to Progreso. From Progreso, turn right and follow the coastal road of YUC 27 all the way to San Bruno.

There is a distance of 355 km between Cancun and San Bruno. There is a lot of construction work taking place in the eastern part of the Yucatan at the moment, due to the development of the TrenMaya train.

Allow 4.5 hours for the journey. Arguably, this is perhaps only worthwhile if San Bruno is one of several places you will visit in the Yucatan as part of a wider Yucatan itinerary.

Expect to pay between $25 and $30 USD per day to rent a car in either Merida or Cancun. This includes full coverage insurance.

The roads in Quintana Roo and the Yucatan are well maintained and in good condition. Avoid driving at night though if you can, mostly because the roads are poorly lit.

By Public Transport 

It is possible to take a bus from either Merida or Cancun to Telchac Puerto. From there, you should be able to organize a local taxi to take you to San Bruno.

A cab from Telchac Puerto to San Bruno should only cost you around $4-5 USD. There are usually taxis waiting around at the bus stop.

However, you may also want to consider contacting your hotel in advance of your arrival to find out whether they can assist you with providing a transfer to the property. The only issue with taking a bus and a cab is that there is no public transport in the San Bruno area once you arrive.

So, unless your hotel is able to assist you with organizing excursions, you will be confined to hanging out on San Bruno beach. You need a car to get between San Bruno and San Crisanto, San Benito, etc.

Final Thoughts 

Have you ever heard of San Bruno in the Yucatan? Is it somewhere that appeals to you?

If you are planning a trip to Mexico for the first time, you may enjoy reading these Mexico travel tips. Have a safe and wonderful time exploring this gorgeous country!

Buen Viaje! Xo 

Melissa Douglas

Melissa Douglas is a British Travel Writer based in Merida, Mexico and the Editor-in-Chief of Mexico Travel Secrets. She has over seven years worth of experience in working in travel media and has travelled to 57 countries, mostly solo. Throughout her career, Melissa has produced written content for several high-profile publications across the globe - including Forbes Travel Guide, the Huffington Post, Rough Guides, and Matador Network.

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