Mexico Travel Secrets was created in 2022 with one primary goal in mind: to provide useful, comprehensive travel advice to help people plan their trips to Mexico and to ensure that we create the very best Mexico travel guides on the internet. We aim to go beyond the status quo and provide “insider” tips from people that actually live here in Mexico and have an in-depth knowledge of the country and culture.

Our Editorial Policy & Content Integrity 

Mexico Travel Secrets is proud to be an independent, self-funded entity that does not accept sponsored or paid-for content. Offering an original, trustworthy perspective is extremely important to us.

The vast majority of our content is written by our Editor-in-Chief, Melissa Douglas, although guest Travel Writers living in Mexico do contribute pieces to our publication from time to time. 

We hold all of our writers and editors to extremely high editorial standards. Each article that we produce is thoroughly researched and fact-checked and we will never write about a place/topic that we have not not visited or do not know extremely well. 

If something is given to us at a discounted rate or fully comped, we will always disclose it as such. All of our photographs are original, taken by our Editor-in-Chief or our writers in the various destinations around Mexico that we cover and every single piece of content that we create is written by humans. 

We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy for AI. In an age of Chat GPT, and other AI-related garble making its way around the internet, we feel that original voices and perspectives are more important than ever. 

Why would you want an AI to throw up an itinerary for you, when you have expert Mexico writers that actually live in the cities that they cover, making insider suggestions?

Fact Checking & Citations 

Providing trustworthy advice and information is important to us so for that reason, every article that we produce on Mexico Travel Secrets is fact-checked and backed up with the appropriate sources. That means, for example, when we discuss the historical background of a destination, we will scour through various history books, journals and reputable sources of information (in addition to visiting and exploring the destination extensively). 

Links to relevant sources of information and data studies are provided for your reference, and to back up and support what we say. 

Content Updates 

We periodically review and update our articles and travel guides to make sure that they remain relevant and up to date. At the very least, you can expect each article to be reviewed and updated every six months but in reality, it is often more than that as we go back and edit our guides as and when something changes. 

(For example, a new restaurant opens in a certain city, admission prices to a certain museum or attraction change). We strive to be as accurate, informative and ethical as possible but of course, no media company is absolutely perfect and we acknowledge that we can make mistakes from time to time. 

If you see any errors or outdated information on our site, please contact us at and we will promptly analyze the page(s) in question and make the necessary corrections. In your email, please include the URL of the page, and the specific section that has an issue. 

Your assistance and understanding in this is greatly appreciated. 

Affiliate Disclosures & Monetization

Mexico Travel Secrets is monetized using display ads. We work in partnership with Raptive (formerly Adthrive), a Cafe Media company. 

You can read our privacy policy here to see how the ads served on our site can affect you as a user, and how we comply with international legislation. 

We work as an affiliate partner for a number of travel companies including, Get Your Guide and Discover Cars. We make a small amount of commission for any purchase made via an affiliate link at no additional cost to you and appreciate your support of our independent site in this way. 

Any affiliate link found on the site is clearly marked as such. We only work with reputable travel companies that we personally use, trust and recommend. 

We never recommend a product that we have not personally used and tested, a hotel that we have not stayed in, or a tour that we have not completed. In this regard, we feel that our ethical standpoint on this matter sets us apart from many other travel websites. 


We hope that this documentation has helped you to understand our editorial policy and process. If you have any further feedback or queries related to content you would like to see on the site or changes you would like to see going forward, please reach out to us at 

Thank you, Melissa and the Mexico Travel Secrets team.