Celestun Mexico: Your 2023 Insiders Travel Guide

Celestun Mexico is a charming fishing village situated on the Yucatan peninsula’s west coast. Its pristine white-sand beaches, crystal-clear aquamarine waters, and quaint seafront eateries capture the hearts of all those that visit.  But the real piece de resistance, and most people’s raison d’etre for visiting Celestun Mexico is the breathtaking Ría Celestún biosphere reserve. … Read more

Yucatan Food: 38 Sumptuous Dishes to Try in Mexico

Yucatan food is as much of a highlight of visiting the spectacular Yucatan region of Mexico as seeing the area’s pueblo magicos and archaeological sites. The Yucatan cuisine is also very special. It differs from typical Mexican food. A lot of the dishes that you will find here are only sold in this specific part … Read more