45 Best Things to Do in the Yucatan Peninsula: A Local’s Guide

There are lots of incredible things to do in the Yucatan peninsula that will keep you occupied for days on end. From gorgeous Caribbean beaches that boast soft, powdery white sands and translucent turquoise waters, to ancient Mayan cities, quaint colonial towns, and unique gastronomy, this region has something for everyone.  The Yucatan peninsula is … Read more

Progreso Yucatan: Your 2023 Travel Guide by a Local Resident

Progreso Yucatan is a quintessential Mexican seaside town on the northern coast of the Yucatan state. It is located just 43km away from Merida and is one of the most popular and convenient places to take a beach day trip from the Yucatan capital. During the week, the town is very peaceful and quiet, and … Read more

Is Valladolid Mexico Safe? Your 2023 Guide by a Local Expat

Is Valladolid Mexico safe? Yes. The charming pueblo magico is not only one of the safest cities in the country but it is also located in Mexico’s safest state. This is not somewhere where you need to worry about crime, violence, or any other dangers. This article, written by a local expat will run through … Read more

Living in Merida Mexico: What is it REALLY Like – A Local’s Guide

Living in Merida is a dream for many people who hope to relocate or retire to sunnier climes in Southern Mexico. Although Merida has not yet hit the mainstream as a tourism destination, the word is slowly getting out about the cultured Yucatan capital. Merida is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Mexico. … Read more