Taking Uber in Mexico City: Is it Safe? 2023 Insider’s Guide

Taking Uber in Mexico City is not only safe, but it is also one of the fastest and most convenient ways to get around the Mexican capital. While CDMX has an extensive public transport network, it can be overwhelming to navigate, and getting from one side of the city to another can require multiple bus … Read more

22 Best Day Trips From Mexico City to Take in 2023: Local’s Guide

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Visiting Frida Kahlo’s House: Your 2023 Guide to Casa Azul

Visiting the Frida Kahlo museum (also known as “Casa Azul” – the blue house) is a highlight of any trip to Mexico City. Kahlo, known for her signature monobrow and self-portrait paintings, is one of the most famous Mexican figures to have ever lived.  Her house in the leafy, artistic district of Coyoacán is where … Read more

Guadalajara Vs Mexico City: Where Should You Choose in 2023?

Guadalajara Vs Mexico City. Which one should you choose?  The two west-central Mexican cities are the largest in the country. Mexico City (aka CDMX) is the country’s capital while Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco.  Both cities make excellent city breaks if you are based in the Americas. You could also quite … Read more

Best Time to Visit Mexico City in 2023: Local’s Guide

Wondering when is the best time to visit Mexico City? Mexico’s capital is a wonderful year-round travel destination and truthfully, you can have a wonderful time here whenever you choose to visit.  That being said, some months are better than others. The weather conditions here fluctuate a lot throughout the year. Similarly, incredible cultural festivals … Read more

Where to Stay in Mexico City – Your Insider’s Guide for 2023

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Mexico City Itinerary 2023: 4-5 Days in Mexico City

Embarking on a Mexico City itinerary is a highlight of any trip to Mexico. Mexico City is the country’s capital and the largest city in North America.  It is a sprawling megalopolis, but it’s a city that is bursting with character and charm. Indeed, each of Mexico City’s neighborhoods has its own personality. Each neighborhood … Read more