27 AMAZING Things to do in Guadalajara Mexico in 2023

Guadalajara is not the most usual choice for most first-time visitors to Mexico. Despite all of the culture, history, and gastronomy that the Jalisco capital has to offer, it is often overshadowed in favor of Mexico City. However, there are plenty of things to do in Guadalajara, whatever your interests, to keep you occupied for … Read more

What to Eat in Mexico: 32 Mexican Foods to Add to Your Radar

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Ruta Puuc Mexico: Exploring the Yucatan’s Lesser Known Ruins

The Ruta Puuc is a historical route in the southern part of Mexico’s Yucatan state. Its name literally translates to “Puuc route”, reflecting the Mayan ruins scattered around this region that have been designed in the Puuc style of architecture. The most famous Mayan city in this part of southern Mexico is the UNESCO world … Read more

How to Get from Cancun to Mahahual: Your 2022 Local’s Guide

It is relatively easy to get from Cancun to Mahahual and the journey can be made in a matter of hours. There is a distance of 355.7 km between the city of Cancun and the sleepy fishing village of Mahahual.  The two destinations make a nice travel pairing if you are visiting the Mexican state … Read more

165 Cancun Instagram Captions for Your Vacation Pics

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Mahahual Mexico: A Tropical Paradise in the Mexican Caribbean

The little beach town of Mahahual sits in the southernmost part of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, close to the border with Belize. It is 225.5 km south of Tulum, and 103 km from Lake Bacalar, respectively. The town’s somewhat remote location means that charming Mahahual doesn’t see a fraction of the tourists that … Read more

What is Machaca? A Northern Mexican Traditional Meat Delicacy

Curious to know what is machaca? This dried meat treat that originates from Northern Mexico is often referred to as the Mexican version of beef jerky. However, that isn’t really an accurate comparison as the texture, preparation, and method of enjoying and eating machaca is something entirely different from that of beef jerky. But chances … Read more

16 Best Mayan Ruins in Mexico: Your Local’s 2022 Guide

When you think of the best Mayan ruins in Mexico, the first place that is likely to spring to the forefront of your mind is probably Chichen Itza. While Chichen Itza is very worthy of your time and is absolutely as breathtaking as the guidebooks would have you believe (it is one of the 7 … Read more